A Boat Called the Janga 1f - Vigil and Tracey Moffatt Quote



[imagecaption] Vigil by Tracey Moffatt – Biennale di Venezia (2017) [/imagecaption]



‘The television news story about the asylum-seeker boat that crashed on the Christmas Island shoreline back in 2010 is a horror … The boat, carrying mainly Iranian and Iraqi Kurds, disintegrated in rough seas before our eyes. It is a tragedy that has haunted me since … We can never fathom the desperation of the people who got onto that awful boat and crossed the horizon and tried to make it to some sort of freedom in Australia. The smashing of that rotten wooden boat is symbolic of how borders around the world are disintegrating. The old world is out, the new world is coming in and borders cannot stay closed’.

Tracey Moffatt


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