A Boat Called the Janga 1n - quotes from survivors


‘How long do you think a wife and a child can exist in water like that, even with a life jacket?…We actually owe our lives, and the reason we survived, is the people of the island, not the Australian Navy…We have suffered enough and we can’t sleep during the night because as soon as we shut our eyes, all these scenes and memories come to our eyes…Who’s going to answer for that?’

Testimony from a survivor of the Janga who lost his wife and child

‘Now after this tragedy, I am a helpless woman who don’t know your language, don’t know if my husband is dead or alive. Don’t know what will happen for my son who is terribly in danger, don’t know what should do with my little daughter when she is asking for her father and brother, don’t know how to deal with the surrounding issues and most important of all don’t know how I can satisfy myself that my dear husband died, while my feeling, my intuition and other evidences testify he is alive’

Maryam, a survivor,  in a written communication, April 16, 2011, quoted by Briskman and Dimasi, 258-9


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