Sovereign Borders: Detected, Intercepted and Removed 5g - Australia's War on Asylum Seekers


Encroaching Sovereignties, Manipulating Borders

[imagecaption] Afghan refugees protest in Pekanbaru. Photo: Indonesia forgotten refugees مهاجرین اندونزی چرا فراموش شده؟. [/imagecaption]


Australia’s breaches of Indonesian sovereignty ensure the securitisation of the Australian state’s settler sovereignty — at any cost. Instantiated here are neocolonial moves that expand the reach of Australian sovereignty into extraterritorial spaces such as Indonesia. The Australian settler state’s borders here emerge as unidirectionally elastic and pliable: they are opportunistically expanded so that they encompass,  through the very deployment of the feints and ruses embodied by these fake boats, the sovereign borders of other nations.

Two seemingly contradictory movements are at play here: on the one hand, through reductionist moves predicated on the legislative excision of migration zones, the Australian border dramatically contracts; on the other hand, the deployment of these fake boats evidences the expansion of the Australian border and its sovereign reach into, and overriding of, other nations’ sovereignties and jurisdictions. The Australian government’s fake boats work to operate under the radar, for example, of Indonesian sovereignty precisely in order to further extraterritorial operations of interception. As extraterritorial technologies deployed to further Australia’a  turn-back operations, they emerge as one more weapon mobilised to wage war on asylum seekers and refugees.


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