Technologies of Sovereignty 4g - Legislating Excision


Legislating Excision

An illustrated map shows the relationship between Australia and Cocos Islands, Christmas Island, Ashmore Islands and Cartier Island, which are marked as being in an excised zone. Explanatory text at the top of the image reads 'In 2001, in an attempt to discourage boat arrivals, Australia implemented its 'Pacific Solution', which excised Christmas Island and several other regions from its immigration zone'.

[imagecaption] ‘Free Eaten Fish‘, 2017. Artist: Kate Moon. [/imagecaption]


Excision also meant that as ‘offshore entry persons’ those intercepted could be subject to removal to a ‘declared country’, for example to Papua New Guinea or Nauru. This initiated the offshoring of detention in the Pacific Solution.

The suite of legislation and proposed amendments relating to the migration zone includes:


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