Weaponising Exposure 5a - Why are you filming?


Weaponising Exposure

[imagecaption] Why are you filming? we will soon be dead, Rihlat al-Shabab (Journey of the Youth) Exhibition, 2016. Filmmaker: Mohammed Alanezi with Ludwig El Haddad. Alanezi stated in an interview, ‘This was 2013, the footage is as authentic as one could find. I am still not sure how I had the calmness and composure to record this. It was captured on my telephone. I was thinking that if I do survive, I can look back at the moment when there was a real chance it could all end. The waves and boat seemed so surreal. I still can’t believe I actually experienced it. I tried to not think too much. I just wanted it to be over.’ [/imagecaption]


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