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Postscript: ‘Indefinite Despair’ on Nauru

[imagecaption] ‘Explainer: Welcome to Sunny Nauru’, 2018. Video: Medicins Sans Frontieres Australia. [/imagecaption]


In December 2018, Medecins San Frontieres released a report entitled, ‘Indefinite Despair: The tragic mental health consequences of offshore processing on Nauru‘. Within the report it is stated that, ‘The mental health suffering on Nauru is among the most severe MSF has ever seen, including in projects providing care for victims of torture.’ It highlights high rates of suicidal ideation, self-harm and suicide attempts and how refusals for US resettlement, the deaths of asylum seekers on the island and the fifth anniversary of the 19 July policy all had significant negative impacts on the mental health of the refugee and asylum seeker community. It notes that during the period that MSF provided care on the island, 10 children and 2 adults were diagnosed with resignation syndrome. The report concluded that the only way to prevent further harm to refugees on Nauru, is to free them from the island and evacuate them to a safe place where they can begin to recover. To date, both the government and the opposition remain committed to the policy of offshore processing.



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