Reza Barati 11j - Four Years, No Justice


Four Years, No Justice

Two men detained by the Australian government on PNG stand beside one another, holding signs in front of their faces. One says 'Dutton and his Team the blood of the innocent of men and women on your hands. Rest in Peace Brother Reza' and the other reads 'SOS#Manus'. They stand outside the East Lorengau transit accommodation. Dried grass and trees are visible in the background.[imagecaption] 200 days of peaceful protests, Lorengau, 18 February 2018.  Four years on and the men on Manus still live with the trauma of the night Reza Barati was murdered. Some men who were injured on the night of Reza Barati’s murder have experienced further violence in the community. Masoud Ali Shiekh stated, ‘I was beaten but I was not killed. My room was like a scene of slaugher.’ In October 2016 Mr Sheikh was hit with a rock when confronted by a group of young men in Lorengau, which resulted in a deep head injury for which he received minimal treatment. [/imagecaption]

‘It’s one of the worst memories we have with us and we can’t take that memory away from us’.

Abdul Aziz, writer and human rights defender held on Manus


‘It has been four years since Reza Barati was murdered on Manus Island by local and Australian expatriate G4S officers. One of the locals convicted for Reza’s murder escaped from jail about 11 months ago and the other is still in jail. Two Australian expatriates were never brought to trial to face charges for Reza’s murder…Australia always helps and rescues its own people who commit crimes in PNG…Criminals are out there and we are still detained.’

Behnam Satah, friend, former roommate and witness

To mark the 4th anniversary of Reza Barati’s murder, Behrouz Boochani wrote an article recalling the events of February 2014, analysing the political significance of Reza’s death, highlighting the ongoing violence perpetrated against the men and providing a moving personal tribute. There has been no accountability for Reza Barati’s murder, nor for the dozens of men who were seriously injured. No assault charges have been laid. Reza Barati’s violent murder is a reminder to the other men of their own vulnerability.


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