Reza Barati 11k - Memorialisations


Memorialisations and Resistance

Following Reza Barati’s violent murder, men in the Manus camp printed photos of Reza and stuck them up on walls around the camp. They spoke to advocates and journalists with determination to set the record straight and reveal what had really happened on the night of 17 February. Australia-wide ‘Light the Dark‘ vigils were held to remember Reza Barati. His distraught family members called for answers, and following the repatriation of Reza Barati’s body back to Iran, held a memorial ceremony at the Ah-Mahdi Mosque in Nabard, Iran. Taleb Ghanbaria stated, ‘Saddam Hussein never treated Iranian prisoners of war the way Australia treated my brother-in-law.’

‘Be Yade Reza’ (Remember Reza) a song for Reza Barati, written and recorded by two men while they were detained on Christmas Island. Following Reza Barati’s murder there were also solidarity protests held on Christmas Island.


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