Reza Barati 11h - 'Eminently Foreseeable'


An ‘Eminently foreseeable’ death

In December 2013, Amnesty International released a report entitled ‘This is Breaking People‘ detailing human rights violations at Manus RPC. Only months later, in response to Reza Barati’s murder, the Cornall Report examined factors, including structural dysfunction, which encouraged the violence that culminated in the murder of Reza Barati.  A parliamentary inquiry subsequently found that the violence that killed Reza Barati was ’eminently foreseeable’, ‘may have been prevented’ and that the Australian government failed in its duty to protect asylum seekers, including Reza Barati, from harm.

None of these reports acknowledge that what happened was not a policy failure; rather, according to the objectives of offshore processing it was a success. Reza Barati’s beaten and brutalised body served as the ultimate warning against seeking refuge in Australia. Reza Barati became a message of deterrence.


‘He was innocent and did not commit any crime and his murderers are free. I have lost my son and I want you, the Australian people, to bring those who killed my son to justice.’

Torab Barati, Reza Barati’s Father



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