Parallax 7 - Gendered Violence


Rows of women protest on Nauru in a courtyard. There wear aprons covered in handpainted slogans calling for an end to the violence and abuse perpetrated against them and their children. At the front a large banner is held that reads 'STOP violence against women and children. We are mothers, we are not criminals'. Most women wear hats or glasses to conceal their faces.

International Women’s Day Protest, Nauru, 2015.

Women stand under a verandah with banners. Children sit at the front wearing aprons painted with slogans like '2 years enough' and 'Gillian Triggs save us'. The women hold banners including one that reads 'We are refugee women, we are not attackers'. Those not holding banners hold their hands in the air showing peace signs.

See media release from Refugee Action Coalition.


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