Fariborz 17c - 'The truth is the system took his life'


‘The system which has taken his precious life’

Canstruct International DIBP Regional Processing Centre Complaint form filled in by Fariborz's mother in Farsi.

[imagecaption] Complaint form / letter written by Fariborz’s Mother, published in The Guardian. The translation reads: ‘Again and again, I am asking you help me. I requested you to help me and my kids. So far, with all the misery, in any way we could, we tolerated our situation and we trusted you. We were sure that you will shelter us. But it has became the opposite. Little by little we die. Physically and mentally we are deteriorated. Many times I begged you to help. But each time you gave me repetitive answers. I can’t return to my country and IHMS doctors are not able to do nothing for my children. After 5 years, my children’s situation and their environment needs to change. They need to have a normal life. Please don’t make my children even sicker. In anguish, I beg you to help.’ [/imagecaption]


‘I didn’t know Fariborz, yet every part of my body knows the system which has taken his precious life. The system the Australian government has designed for refugees and asylum seekers, has a kind of evil and devastating effect. It can ruin the very inner strength of human spirit. To the outsider, Fariborz took his own life, but the truth is the system took his life. There is no alternative explanation, and we must hold the Australian government accountable for this action.

The silence of his unimaginable suffering must have reached saturation point. It feels like it is Australia’s ultimate goal to put every vulnerable refugee and asylum seeker into an inescapable corner. If the intensity of his suffering wasn’t extreme, he would not have had the strength to say goodbye to his own life last Friday morning.

We have now lost seven lives from the hell of Manus and five from Nauru. All were full of life. I don’t know how many more lives they want in the name of this policy.

Even though I am now safely in America, the experiences I suffered on Manus are always on my mind and bind me to Australia. I will use every opportunity to record the barbaric acts towards fragile refugees and asylum seekers.’

Mohammad Imran, formerly detained on Manus Island, recently resettled in the US


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