Salim Kyawning 16b - Killing Salim Kyawning


Killing Salim Kyawning

[imagecaption] ‘Another death in Australia’s offshore detention regime’, 2018. Source: GetUp! [/imagecaption]


Salim Kyawning was a refugee from the persecuted Rohingya minority who have been subject to a sustained campaign of state-sanctioned genocide in Myanmar. He traveled with his brother to seek asylum in Australia by boat, however his brother did not survive. Salim survived the boat journey, but after almost five years of violence at the hands of Australian authorities, in May 2018, he died; PNG police believe his death was by suicide.

Salim was a father of three in his early 50s who was waiting for resettlement. He was known to have suffered from epilepsy for a number of years. In 2014, he was flown to Australia for medical treatment, however was returned to Manus where his physical and mental health could not be supported. During the November siege where access to food, water and medication was extremely limited, Salim was reported to have suffered a seizure; which terrified his friends who could only attempt to provide him with care. Like Hamid Shamshiripour, Salim was left to die on Manus.


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