Omid Masoumali 14b - Killing Omid Masoumali


Killing Omid Masoumali

People detained on Nauru protest wearing white shirts painted with the name 'OMID' in red. They stand with their arms raised and crossed. A fence and accommodation building is visible in the background.
[imagecaption] Protests on Nauru following Omid’s death, 2017. At a memorial held in a room inside the Manus camp, three framed photos sit on a table. The photos are of Reza Barati, Omid Masoumali and Hamid Khazaei. A banner is hung on the wall behind. A green plant sits behind the photos. A solidarity vigil was also held on Manus Island.A banner at the memorial on Manus reads "Our thoughts is with you Omid. FROM Manus". [/imagecaption]




‘Goodnight my friend

This agony will never mend

You couldn’t withstand anymore

Couldn’t survive this burning’

[imagecaption] This poem is written by a young girl, ErNa, who was held on Nauru with and was a close friend of Omid who self-immolated and died on Nauru. ErNa wrote this poem for him. It was published on the Writing Through Fences site and can be read along with other poetry here.Australian Border Force released this statement ‘Death of a Refugee‘.[/imagecaption]




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