Parallax 14 - Omid Masoumali


A painted portrait of Omid Masoumali by an artist also detained on Nauru Abbas Alaboudi. It is similar to a photo of Omid that circulated following his death. He wears a hat and t-shirt. In the painting, there is almost a halo of light coming from behind him. Portrait of Omid Masoumali, 2016. Artist: Abbas Alaboudi.

The artist also refers to Omid’s death in this painting of a child in detention on Nauru. Another painting by the artist Abbas Alaboudi shows a child behind chain-linked fences. He grasps the fence with his hands and looks toward the viewer. In the background there is a man, presumably Omid, engulfed in flames. Flames colour the background red - a hellish scene.


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