Faysal Ishak Ahmed 13c - Care Denied


Care Denied

A large group of men gather under a large marquee in the Manus camp. The words "Shame on you IHMS, DIBP, ICSA, Wilson and BRS you have FAYSAL blood on your hands" has been written at the top of the shade structure.[imagecaption] ‘Shame on you IHMS, DIBP, ICSA and BRS you have Faysal blood on your hands’ message from the days after Faysal’s death visible in photos of protests the following year, Manus Island, August, 2017. [/imagecaption]


Faysal Ishak Ahmed was a 27 year old man from Sudan who had been granted refugee status in PNG. He was a husband and father of a young son. After months of ill health, he collapsed in Oscar compound as a result of a seizure on the 23rd of December. He was evacuated to a Brisbane hospital where he died the following day. Faysal experienced a previous seizure two months before his death.  Following this he wrote a letter to IHMS pleading for adequate treatment. On 15 December, a week before his death, after several futile presentations at the clinic, he wrote another complaint. Following his final collapse, his friends wrote a letter requesting that Faysal be treated immediately ‘before it’s too late’. A Senate Committee confirmed that Faysal had sought medical attention 13 times in the two months before his death. The Department released this statement.


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