Faysal Ishak Ahmed 13e - Weaponising Physical Health


Weaponising physical health

Cartoon by Eaten fish about trying to access medical treatment on Manus Island. An IHMS officers is pictured directing a refugee to a grave.[imagecaption] Cartoon by Eaten Fish 'How peaple die in Offshore proccessing centre?'‘How Peaple die in Offshore processing centre?’, 2017. Artist: Eaten Fish. [/imagecaption]

‘This system here is broken…It’s not working, the system is not working.’

Senior Medical Officer for IHMS


Some medical professionals have stated that the medical systems on Nauru and Manus are broken.  What is not acknowledged in these statements is that these systems were never intended to work. These are systems designed, rather, to fail the people whom they service. Access to adequate healthcare is denied as a weapon of ‘deterrence’.

‘This system is designed to kill us one by one.’

Abdul Aziz

A recent case was reported of a woman who is at ‘high heart attack risk‘. She was told that she could be transferred to Port Moresby for medical treatment, but that she would have to leave her teenage son behind; an offer she felt she was unable to accept. Eventually, after her case was reported in the media, she was transferred to Taiwan with her son for medical treatment; both were subsequently returned to Nauru against medical advice. There are several families who have been split for prolonged periods as a result of medical transfers. Here health is weaponised as a means to take away the only thing people have in these prison camps: each other.


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