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With at least thirteen people on board the rubber dinghy was soon overloaded. Mr Kurdi went on to say that soon after being seaborne, the skipper abandoned ship. High waves then caused the boat to capsize. Mr Kurdi described how he tried his best to save his wife and the two children, trying to hold on to both of them but having to let go of one in order to save the other, in vain. Their life vests were all fake and so no help at all. Mr Kurdi spoke of how he only wanted to take the bodies of his two sons and wife back to be buried in their hometown of Kobani.

‘My life is over. I am asking the world to have mercy on the Syrian people, because watching what’s happening is nothing compared to going through it … I don’t want anything from the world, I just wanted them to take action and help. May God have mercy on those who died including my children and wife. I will not consider getting married or having children again.’ (Mr Kurdi in  Timmons, 2015).


Rehan Kurdi holds her son Alan
Rehan Kurdi holds her son Alan in this undated photo provided by the Kurdi family on September 3, 2015. Sournce:


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