Alan Kurdi-The end of one journey, the start of another-parallax 2


The end of one journey, the start of another

In this interview, Mr Kurdi says how he only wanted to take the bodies of his two sons and wife back to Kobani for burial.  “He no longer had any desire to continue on to Europe” (Elgot, 2015).

Responding to a question whether he still wanted to flee to Europe again, Mr Kurdi said:

“Never. Never. I was only going there to secure a better life for my family. I worked in Istanbul for long hours for only 50 Liras a day to provide food for my kids. I had to work very hard so that I didn’t have to end up in the streets begging for food. But God has decided to take it all from me. My life is over. However, I am asking the world to have mercy on the Syrian people, because watching what’s happening is nothing compared to going through it. I mean Syrian workers only get 25% of wages in Turkey and are made to feel like it’s a favor by to let them work, do you understand what that means? I don’t want anything from the world, I just wanted them to take action and help. May Allah have mercy on those who died including my children and wife. I will not consider getting married or having children again. My life is over.” (Heather Timmons, 2015 and Radio Rozana interview, 2015).


Abdullah Kurdi interview with Channel 4 (2015)


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