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Who was Alan Kurdi?

Alan (initially referred to in reports as Aylan) was three years old when he died. His family came from Kobani city in the Aleppo district in northern Syria, which is on the Southern Turkish border. According to some sources, Alan’s surname is actually Shenu. The surname Kurdi that became widely used for him and his family refers to their Kurdish origin.


A graffiti depecting Alan Kurdi smiling in Frankfurt, Germany
Alan Kurdi Graffiti, Frankfurt, Germany (2016). Photo by Paul Lenz


[imagecaption]  Lenz, Paul. English: Second Version of Alan Kurdi Graffiti. The first version was smeared with Right-wing slogans, which the artists covered up with this new version, May 7, 2016. Own work.[/imagecaption]


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